#home: An Ad Campaign for WVWC College

For our final project in Advertising and Public Relations, we were tasked with creating an advertising campaign for our college, West Virginia Wesleyan. Our objective was to create a plan aimed at out-of-state students, encouraging them to learn more about Wesleyan and to schedule a campus visit. In creating the ad campaign, we first had … Continue reading #home: An Ad Campaign for WVWC College


Ads: How much do we really see?

Featured Image courtesy of marketingland.com Advertising has grown significantly within the past few years, namely due to a few factors. For one, the average time spent on technology has increased significantly. In an article by SJ Insights, “a typical adult’s daily media consumption has grown from 5.2 hours in 1945 to 9.8 hours.” For advertisers, … Continue reading Ads: How much do we really see?

NFL Ratings and Their Effects on Advertisers

Feature Image from Pexels In recent months, there has been a decrease in ratings for NFL games. The NFL, short for National Football League, has experienced this drop following a series of protests involving players from several football teams. While some would argue that this means change for sponsors and those looking to advertise, I … Continue reading NFL Ratings and Their Effects on Advertisers

Reflection on How an Agency Works

Feature picture from westelm.com On Monday, our marketing class participated in a presentation by Michael Arbogast, the COO and Creative Director for Inneraction Media. The agency, based in Morgantown, specializes in Full-service Marketing, which incorporates all aspects of promotion into one package. Within this, they focus primarily on Inbound Marketing, which assists consumers in searching … Continue reading Reflection on How an Agency Works

The Consumer Purchase Decision Journey

Throughout the history of marketing, we have had several different views of the Consumer Decision Journey, the process consumers travel through when deciding on and purchasing a product. As times, and technology have changed, so have our views on the journey customers make when purchasing a product. Traditionally, a concept called “The Purchase Funnel”, or … Continue reading The Consumer Purchase Decision Journey